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Until recently, all the women have been living in temporary, unprotected residence halls with meager study facilities, without electricity and with water from a nearby stream. Now Pema Choling has entered an exciting and crucial phase of development.

Old Dormitory

Construction of a new and much needed residence hall and classrooms began shortly after groundbreaking ceremonies in October of 2005. Immediate plans include facilities for 100 women eventually to expand to accommodate 500. The women and girls of PCL, working alongside a crew of 30 workers from a vocational training school in Thimphu (Bhutan’s capital), have been able to build nearly half of a proposed quad with dorm rooms upstairs and study facilities downstairs.


The women have learnt basic carpentry, made the mud bricks and provide the physical labour for the construction as well as being responsible for managing the project. All the while they are continuing their rigorous studies and running the center. Although the plumbing and the kitchen are still incomplete, 35 women have been able to move in. But funding has run out, construction has stopped and the remaining residents are still housed in temporary shelter.


The work crew from the training school is using this project as field work and therefore must be employed consistently. (The women at PCL build as part of their participation at the center and receive no salary). Due to the remoteness and mostly rural nature of Bhutan, materials are scarce, costly and must be trucked in from a great distance. As there is no electricity or heavy equipment, all construction is done with hand tools, highly skilled labor and a powerful commitment. With these varied conditions, the building can only go forward to completion with an influx of sustained funding.


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